Meeting New People

Even though we usually get the basic same people every once in a while we get someone from out-of-town. Either they’re just passing through, lost, or have some sort of family around the area.

On a special occasion we get older people who grew up in Oregon and moved away. They’re either back for a reunion, funeral, or just to visit! But those are my favorite.

First of all, old people love to talk.

Second of all, old people love to talk to young people about how things use to be when they were growing up.

I love being able to hear stories about how Oregon was 50ish years ago. It’s cool to hear about how certain things have changed and some have stayed the same. A lot of young people love hearing the older talk about how when they were our age they would cruise through Oregon and then head out to Forest City make a loop and come back. Mainly because we still do the same exact thing.

It is also neat whenever the person knew your grandparent or aunt or someone who isn’t around anymore because they can tell you all sorts of stories about things they use to do..good or bad. 🙂



Well being a college student in general I don’t have much time to relax, especially when I have class/homework all day and then have to work later that night.

So I mainly get to relax while I sleep or on the weekends..which are still pretty busy! But every Friday night after a long day of class and work I love you do what any sane person from a small town would do..back roads!

Cruising back roads is one of the most relaxing things ever. You don’t have to worry much about meeting other people you just have to watch out for deer but that’s just habit no matter if you’re in town or on the gravel. Another fun thing to do after a long week would be to hit Dawson Haller which is the only Dirt road in the County that you can drive on after it rains without getting in trouble.

But trust me, the next time your stressed about school, work, or anything find a back road and you will feel a lot better! It’s peaceful and you can really think about whatever is bothering you, and a lot of the time its a beautiful view.


This would be an awesome thing to do for anybody after a long hard day! But It would be a great stress reliever for those who work around people of all attitudes all day! It’s something that you could do and not have to worry about getting in trouble or fired!

Honestly, I am going to show this to my co-workers and my other friends! This is so neat! I don’t really have a story to go along with it, but I just think the whole idea behind this is really cool! Sometimes you just can’t hold stuff in any longer and this is a great way to let it out without offending anyone or getting in trouble!


When I saw that the prompt was Breaks it seemed like a pretty easy one…We DON’T get breaks unless we aren’t busy..

Most jobs get a break whether it’s a 30 minutes lunch break or a 15 minutes break whenever. Well most restaurant workers don’t. Now some do! Don’t get me wrong but a lot of us don’t.

During a shift at the Grill you do get to eat, you just don’t get a set time for you to make something and then sit down and eat it. If you have time to make it then most likely you don’t have time to eat it. It might sit under the warmer for a good 45 minutes before you have time to take a bite out of it. Or it might be 7:30 before you can even think about making something.

Honestly, it isn’t to terrible because if you don’t have time to eat then you don’t even have time to think about eating. We will have busy nights were it’s closing before you know it and it will be an hour after work before you realize you haven’t eaten.

But! The best night/break is when the weather is nice and it’s around 8 and you have most of your prep work done and you can go outside and sit on the deck for about 15 minutes because you have nothing else to do! I would rather have a week of being busy and not eating to have one day of being able to do that! Nothing is better than working hard and getting to go sit outside and enjoy the nice weather for a few minutes!

Prized Possessions

When you own/work at a restaurant you tend to have a lot of prized possessions. A main on would of course be the safe or cash register. Those are obvious ones; but there are many more. For instance your grill, fryers, and coolers would be important. And with upfront you have your ice cream machine.

Believe it or not the Ice cream machine cost more than the grill and fryers put together. And we had one employee who lost her job because she almost ruined the $15,000 machine.

Every Saturday night we clean the ice cream out of the machine and take it apart and clean the parts and the inside of it. First we empty the ice cream out, then we run buckets of warm water out of it until the water runs clear, and then we take it apart and wash the parts. Personally, I thought it was common sence that when you take apart a piece of machinery you tend to turn it off first…Well I guess not everyone thinks that way! She left it one while proceeding to take it apart and then left the machine running! She then went and told the cook that she couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the machine.

The funny thing about this is it was NOT the first time she has cleaned the machine. After my Mom found out about this and a few other things we decided that it would be cheaper to let the girl go then have to cleaning anything.


Well instead of this post being about the Grill it’s going to be about my hometown! And how even though there are only 857 people living here it’s similar to Hollywood!

In Hollywood if you famous everyone knows everything you do and when you do it! Well Oregon is a lot like that only a few differences besides the obvious population difference! In Oregon you don’t have to be famous for everyone to know or think they know your life! Also your business doesn’t show up in a magazine or news paper like it does in Hollywood..unless someone writes a letter to the editor about you.

Well that exact thing did happen to my graduating class. Now living in a small town you can get away with a hell of a lot before you get in trouble. And God knows my class pushed that limit. Around this time last year my class was getting ready to raise some hell and graduate; so as we were planning our senior skip day and few of us thought of a bright idea…

Every year the night before the seniors last day they do a senior prank..well we started early and did a senior skip day prank! We drove around in the dead of night and stole for sale signs out of people’s yards and placed them in the yard of the school. We also put a old sink and toilet on the front steps with a sign that said Welcome to the Shit Hole. (Pretty funny stuff!) And we spray painted the street saying Seniors 2012 and Miss Us Tomorrow!

Pretty harmless and the school loved it! It was easier to clean up and no one was mad…Well that was because our school principle removed the shit hole sign.. He thought it was funny but knew parents would flip! Well one of the girls in my class dad owns the newspaper and thought that the sign was priceless! So someone sent him some pictures that were taken for memories and he put them on the front page!

That my friends is when hell broke loose! Many letters were written to editor which about how it was wrong of him to put that in the paper and how the seniors who pulled that prank should be punished. Like I said earlier that it takes a lot to get in trouble in Oregon and I’m proud to say that we did all of that and nothing happened to us! A lot of people let it go when they found out what kids were involved..because we were all in National Honor Society and on Honor Roll. 🙂

Now news in Hollywood fades and people forget; but in Oregon we will always be known has the class who wasn’t afraid to piss people off.


When I think of the word “Endings” I think of Goodbyes! Now most goodbyes at the grill are good but sad things. A lot of the times the people leaving are either moving, going to college, or found a full-time job! They are the goodbyes we like because things didn’t end badly..but then there are some that do!

One goodbye so to say happened around a month ago! My boyfriends brother who happens to be one of my best friends and I got in a fight outside of work but about work. He had been wanting to quit forever and he’s a senior so we knew he’d be leaving soon. Well the day after our fight he had decided that it was time for him to leave. At first I was so mad because of many reasons.

The first one was I knew that he didn’t have another job and he had a lot of expensive events coming up like prom and senior trip! Also the fact that it cost him $70 every time he fills up his gas tank. The second was I felt like everyone was blaming me because of our fight we had gotten into! But being my best friend he made sure that no one blamed me that he was glad he had our little fight because it gave him that push to do what he had been wanting to do for months!

At first it was weird not having him there; but honestly everyone is happier now! Myself and the other workers miss working with him but on the other hand it’s hard to work with someone who hates being there. And so far he is happy…but he doesn’t have another job yet and his bank account is getting pretty low! 🙂 But he knows he can always come back.