My Job is to give a service to people..not to be a SERVANT..Just saying!

Yes, I serve people. I take their order, bring them their food, and make sure they are happy. But! I am not your slave..nor will I ever be.

If you’re a server than you what I’m talking about. There are always those people who come in and think that I was put on this Earth to wait on them hand and foot. Sometimes you want nothing more than to tell them you get off their asses and get it themselves..But you learn to have more restraint than that and to smile. The funny thing is if they could read my mind they would probably never come back.

But that is when you have to be a good server. You have to smile and act like their stupid request are important to you. But the worst is when you get the picky person who has a million request and they don’t even tip. Or! You check on them 5 different times and they NEVER need anything until YOUR busy. Then its like they need a box or a refill. Pretty much they hate you and want to make your life hell. But if you just smile back and do what they ask it bugs them more than it bugs you!


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