That is part of a waitresses job is to be a diversion. It is something I bet none of you have thought about. But it will seem really simple after I explain to you why!

When you go into a restaurant and there are quite a few people in there. Chances are its gonna be a bit for your food, especially if they also have call ins for to-go. But in most places you don’t see the kitchen. So the dining area and waitress might not seem too busy, but most likely the cook is in the back working their butts off to get your order out to you.

But like I said most people don’t see that or don’t think that way so they get mad or feel like they’re waiting forever..that is when your waitress comes in! The time seems to pass a lot faster when your waitress is coming to your table to check on you and giving you someone to talk too. especially if you live in a small town and you know the people because then your waitress can sometime talk to you and keep you distracted until your food comes out.

Trust me, it helps. Next time you go to a restaurant and its a bit busy time out how long your food takes. I bet it will surprise you that i actually took that long if you have a good waitress who keeps you occupied.


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