In other people’s blogs this topic might have an extremely deep meaning behind it…But this isn’t other people’s blog it’s mine! So when I talk about healing today I mean physical healing…working in a restaurant can be dangerous.

First injury: burns. I burn myself ATLEAST once a week. Usually they are just little things that hurt for like 5 minutes. But there are those times when your hand slips onto the grill or whenever you put something into the fryer the grease splashes up on your hand and then your hand ends up blistering and hurting like a bitch. We had one guy whose face was even with the fryer and he was wiping it down when he hit a basket and the grease splashed on his face… we tried to feel sorry for him but who in the hell puts their face right by the fryers?!

Second injury: cuts. Knock on wood but I have never cut myself! I mean I’ve had a few little pricks but nothing to dangerous. Which is good because the sight of blood makes me sick..even my own. But when my best friend worked at the Grill he was using the brand new, very sharp slicer to slice tomatoes. In the middle of telling me a story he ran out of tomatoes and sliced his finger.. Luckily, it was so sharp he barely even felt it. Also he told me about it so I could leave the room before he made his hand visible! On the downside it bled for about 20 minutes and he had to have his hand super glued shut. Ouch!

Those are the main two injuries we get at the Grill. Well besides me slipping, tripping, or hitting something but that’s nothing unusual since I’m a klutz!


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