Good Things

Again, this is going to be another post about my hometown instead of the grill.

Something very similar to this video happened at South Holt. Only it was basketball season and it was a girl. For respect of privacy I’m not going to use her name. But this young lady was a freshman last year and has overcome a lot of things in her life.

First of all, she is a March Of Dimes baby. She weighed 1 pound and 7 ounces when born and survived. Also she was the youngest baby to have major surgery at that moment in time. She only weighed 2 pounds when she under went the surgery. She is smaller than her classmates, doesn’t have developed speech, and has seizures. But she enjoys watching basketball.

Last year, during my senior year the basketball team what asked if this young lady could be their manager. They said yes knowing that she loved basketball but wouldn’t be able to actually play in a game. This girl was so excited and her parents were very grateful!

Well…the senior basketball players got together at the end of the season and came up with an idea. At the last home game they asked if the coach and other team if they could have a 5th quarter and let the young lady play. Everyone agreed and at the last home game the young lady got to start during 5 quarter and was the leading scorer with 8 points!

It was a great thing to watch and her family was there to support her and couldn’t stop telling both teams and coaches Thank You.


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