Well..I don’t really know where to go with this one! You can’t really become famous by being a waitress and we’ve never had any famous people come in the Grill so this shall be interesting!

So! I’m gonna talk about Oregon, and this song describes it pretty well! Everyone in Oregon knows what you’re doing even if you don’t know it yourself.

A lot of the talk is true, but there are the crazy times when it’s not. Those times are usually caused by someone you pissed off. But when that happens they make up crazy rumors that are easy to prove false. The most common is So and So is pregnant.

Why? Why would you use that as a rumor when in a few months people are gonna realize its false when the “pregnant” person isn’t showing..Or that person could just pee on a damn stick and carry it around and show people. Personally, I’d just choose the first option.

Also if you do have a nasty break up one night most likely the whole town is gonna know before you can even change your relationship status on Facebook!

In movies and tv shows when it shows a small town and the old ladies gossiping about everything and everyone..that’s not a stereotype. It’s the plain truth. That happens more times than not in Oregon!


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