“My job is underappreciated.” I’m sure a lot of people think that about their job. But really…Have you ever looked at your waitress and said “Thanks for serving me today.” or found the cook and said “Thanks for making lunch!”? I doubt that has happened!

Yes, I know that we get paid to do this and that it is our job. But doesn’t everyone like to feel appreciated?!

The only people who ever so how appreciative they are is my mom whenever we do something well or extra for her or another co-worker whenever we help them.

Every once in a while we have a customer who makes us feel appreciated but that is usually after we do something special for them like stay open later or turn back on the ice cream machine for them after we’ve flipped the tubes. But never has a customer made myself or my co-workers feel appreciated for just doing our job.

It’s just something to think about! How many people in this world are underappreciated for the job they do! I know that I don’t inform my garbage man that I appreciate him picking up my trash but maybe I should make a point too next week when they pick my trash up.


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