My Job is to give a service to people..not to be a SERVANT..Just saying!

Yes, I serve people. I take their order, bring them their food, and make sure they are happy. But! I am not your slave..nor will I ever be.

If you’re a server than you what I’m talking about. There are always those people who come in and think that I was put on this Earth to wait on them hand and foot. Sometimes you want nothing more than to tell them you get off their asses and get it themselves..But you learn to have more restraint than that and to smile. The funny thing is if they could read my mind they would probably never come back.

But that is when you have to be a good server. You have to smile and act like their stupid request are important to you. But the worst is when you get the picky person who has a million request and they don’t even tip. Or! You check on them 5 different times and they NEVER need anything until YOUR busy. Then its like they need a box or a refill. Pretty much they hate you and want to make your life hell. But if you just smile back and do what they ask it bugs them more than it bugs you!




That is part of a waitresses job is to be a diversion. It is something I bet none of you have thought about. But it will seem really simple after I explain to you why!

When you go into a restaurant and there are quite a few people in there. Chances are its gonna be a bit for your food, especially if they also have call ins for to-go. But in most places you don’t see the kitchen. So the dining area and waitress might not seem too busy, but most likely the cook is in the back working their butts off to get your order out to you.

But like I said most people don’t see that or don’t think that way so they get mad or feel like they’re waiting forever..that is when your waitress comes in! The time seems to pass a lot faster when your waitress is coming to your table to check on you and giving you someone to talk too. especially if you live in a small town and you know the people because then your waitress can sometime talk to you and keep you distracted until your food comes out.

Trust me, it helps. Next time you go to a restaurant and its a bit busy time out how long your food takes. I bet it will surprise you that i actually took that long if you have a good waitress who keeps you occupied.


In other people’s blogs this topic might have an extremely deep meaning behind it…But this isn’t other people’s blog it’s mine! So when I talk about healing today I mean physical healing…working in a restaurant can be dangerous.

First injury: burns. I burn myself ATLEAST once a week. Usually they are just little things that hurt for like 5 minutes. But there are those times when your hand slips onto the grill or whenever you put something into the fryer the grease splashes up on your hand and then your hand ends up blistering and hurting like a bitch. We had one guy whose face was even with the fryer and he was wiping it down when he hit a basket and the grease splashed on his face… we tried to feel sorry for him but who in the hell puts their face right by the fryers?!

Second injury: cuts. Knock on wood but I have never cut myself! I mean I’ve had a few little pricks but nothing to dangerous. Which is good because the sight of blood makes me sick..even my own. But when my best friend worked at the Grill he was using the brand new, very sharp slicer to slice tomatoes. In the middle of telling me a story he ran out of tomatoes and sliced his finger.. Luckily, it was so sharp he barely even felt it. Also he told me about it so I could leave the room before he made his hand visible! On the downside it bled for about 20 minutes and he had to have his hand super glued shut. Ouch!

Those are the main two injuries we get at the Grill. Well besides me slipping, tripping, or hitting something but that’s nothing unusual since I’m a klutz!


Sorry to disappoint but yet again not about the Grill!

We are suppose to write about a song with meaning. And it took me a while to pick a song…I love music and tons of songs kept popping into my mind. But Carry on My Wayward Son by Kansas stuck in my head.

Music has always been a big part of my life and it started with a childhood full of listening to my dad sing and his band practice.

My dad was in a band up until my 8th grade year and I have been to more band practice and gigs than most people even in a band. But I wouldn’t change that for anything. I actually love people telling me that “I’m to young to know that song.” And I’m pretty sure my Dad takes pride in that too.

But this song by Kansas always reminds me of my Dad and his band. I can listen to get over and over again and never get tired of it and it always takes me back to when I was little and when life was a hell of alot simple!

Now if you have never listened to this song then Yes, there is something wrong with you and you need to listen to it NOW! 🙂

Good Things

Again, this is going to be another post about my hometown instead of the grill.

Something very similar to this video happened at South Holt. Only it was basketball season and it was a girl. For respect of privacy I’m not going to use her name. But this young lady was a freshman last year and has overcome a lot of things in her life.

First of all, she is a March Of Dimes baby. She weighed 1 pound and 7 ounces when born and survived. Also she was the youngest baby to have major surgery at that moment in time. She only weighed 2 pounds when she under went the surgery. She is smaller than her classmates, doesn’t have developed speech, and has seizures. But she enjoys watching basketball.

Last year, during my senior year the basketball team what asked if this young lady could be their manager. They said yes knowing that she loved basketball but wouldn’t be able to actually play in a game. This girl was so excited and her parents were very grateful!

Well…the senior basketball players got together at the end of the season and came up with an idea. At the last home game they asked if the coach and other team if they could have a 5th quarter and let the young lady play. Everyone agreed and at the last home game the young lady got to start during 5 quarter and was the leading scorer with 8 points!

It was a great thing to watch and her family was there to support her and couldn’t stop telling both teams and coaches Thank You.


Well..I don’t really know where to go with this one! You can’t really become famous by being a waitress and we’ve never had any famous people come in the Grill so this shall be interesting!

So! I’m gonna talk about Oregon, and this song describes it pretty well! Everyone in Oregon knows what you’re doing even if you don’t know it yourself.

A lot of the talk is true, but there are the crazy times when it’s not. Those times are usually caused by someone you pissed off. But when that happens they make up crazy rumors that are easy to prove false. The most common is So and So is pregnant.

Why? Why would you use that as a rumor when in a few months people are gonna realize its false when the “pregnant” person isn’t showing..Or that person could just pee on a damn stick and carry it around and show people. Personally, I’d just choose the first option.

Also if you do have a nasty break up one night most likely the whole town is gonna know before you can even change your relationship status on Facebook!

In movies and tv shows when it shows a small town and the old ladies gossiping about everything and everyone..that’s not a stereotype. It’s the plain truth. That happens more times than not in Oregon!


“My job is underappreciated.” I’m sure a lot of people think that about their job. But really…Have you ever looked at your waitress and said “Thanks for serving me today.” or found the cook and said “Thanks for making lunch!”? I doubt that has happened!

Yes, I know that we get paid to do this and that it is our job. But doesn’t everyone like to feel appreciated?!

The only people who ever so how appreciative they are is my mom whenever we do something well or extra for her or another co-worker whenever we help them.

Every once in a while we have a customer who makes us feel appreciated but that is usually after we do something special for them like stay open later or turn back on the ice cream machine for them after we’ve flipped the tubes. But never has a customer made myself or my co-workers feel appreciated for just doing our job.

It’s just something to think about! How many people in this world are underappreciated for the job they do! I know that I don’t inform my garbage man that I appreciate him picking up my trash but maybe I should make a point too next week when they pick my trash up.