Well instead of this post being about the Grill it’s going to be about my hometown! And how even though there are only 857 people living here it’s similar to Hollywood!

In Hollywood if you famous everyone knows everything you do and when you do it! Well Oregon is a lot like that only a few differences besides the obvious population difference! In Oregon you don’t have to be famous for everyone to know or think they know your life! Also your business doesn’t show up in a magazine or news paper like it does in Hollywood..unless someone writes a letter to the editor about you.

Well that exact thing did happen to my graduating class. Now living in a small town you can get away with a hell of a lot before you get in trouble. And God knows my class pushed that limit. Around this time last year my class was getting ready to raise some hell and graduate; so as we were planning our senior skip day and few of us thought of a bright idea…

Every year the night before the seniors last day they do a senior prank..well we started early and did a senior skip day prank! We drove around in the dead of night and stole for sale signs out of people’s yards and placed them in the yard of the school. We also put a old sink and toilet on the front steps with a sign that said Welcome to the Shit Hole. (Pretty funny stuff!) And we spray painted the street saying Seniors 2012 and Miss Us Tomorrow!

Pretty harmless and the school loved it! It was easier to clean up and no one was mad…Well that was because our school principle removed the shit hole sign.. He thought it was funny but knew parents would flip! Well one of the girls in my class dad owns the newspaper and thought that the sign was priceless! So someone sent him some pictures that were taken for memories and he put them on the front page!

That my friends is when hell broke loose! Many letters were written to editor which about how it was wrong of him to put that in the paper and how the seniors who pulled that prank should be punished. Like I said earlier that it takes a lot to get in trouble in Oregon and I’m proud to say that we did all of that and nothing happened to us! A lot of people let it go when they found out what kids were involved..because we were all in National Honor Society and on Honor Roll. 🙂

Now news in Hollywood fades and people forget; but in Oregon we will always be known has the class who wasn’t afraid to piss people off.



When I think of the word “Endings” I think of Goodbyes! Now most goodbyes at the grill are good but sad things. A lot of the times the people leaving are either moving, going to college, or found a full-time job! They are the goodbyes we like because things didn’t end badly..but then there are some that do!

One goodbye so to say happened around a month ago! My boyfriends brother who happens to be one of my best friends and I got in a fight outside of work but about work. He had been wanting to quit forever and he’s a senior so we knew he’d be leaving soon. Well the day after our fight he had decided that it was time for him to leave. At first I was so mad because of many reasons.

The first one was I knew that he didn’t have another job and he had a lot of expensive events coming up like prom and senior trip! Also the fact that it cost him $70 every time he fills up his gas tank. The second was I felt like everyone was blaming me because of our fight we had gotten into! But being my best friend he made sure that no one blamed me that he was glad he had our little fight because it gave him that push to do what he had been wanting to do for months!

At first it was weird not having him there; but honestly everyone is happier now! Myself and the other workers miss working with him but on the other hand it’s hard to work with someone who hates being there. And so far he is happy…but he doesn’t have another job yet and his bank account is getting pretty low! 🙂 But he knows he can always come back.


Aggravation….A well known feeling when it comes to a restaurant worker! It could be with anyone; your boss, your co-workers, and your customers.

Now, I know it probably seems like I complain about the customers a lot; I know that without our customers we would NOT be in business! So today I am going to talk about my aggravation with my co-workers.

Last night was the perfect example! I was the cook and the upfront person tends to be more worried about her cell phone and boyfriend than doing her job! Which isn’t a bright way to act when your working with the bosses daughter..just saying! Now most of the time I really do enjoy working with her! BUT! I do not get paid to do her job too.

For instance I had to hurry up and get all of my prep work, stocking, and cleaning done that way I could go upfront and help her! Well when I went up there to help her she said she just had to finish mopping and she would be done! I was really shocked but happy that I didn’t have to do her job. Well after she left I went to go check the front door to take sure it was locked and noticed that she didn’t put the money in the safe! In the month of March she hadn’t done that TWICE! So if i wouldn’t have put the money up for her she would have lost her job!

After I did that I was ready to go home and didn’t really pay attention to anything else. Well today I went to the grill to talk to my mom before it opened..She was not a happy person. She showed me everything the upfront person did not do! She did not fill ice, stock cups and lids, clean the shake machine, wipe of the tables, clean and fill ketchup bottles, turn off the hot fudge warmer, dump out the ice cream scoop water, and clean off the counter around the ice cream toppings!

It honestly made me wonder what the hell she even did last night! Nothing is more aggravating then coming in to work the next day and having to do the night shifts job! Day shift its paid to stock before night shift gets there so I sure as hell know night shift and stock for day shift!


Most people think that working at a restaurant isn’t a challenging job… Well sorry! They’re wrong!

Yes, I know that there are tons of jobs out there that are way more strenuous. But “serving” people isn’t that easy! First of all there are the difficult people who come in and think that your their personal slave while they’re there. And it just so happens that those kind of people really feel that way when your busy and have about 60 other different things do to!

Also I could be wrong but I find it to be a challenge to try to take orders, answer the phone, make ice cream, take food and drinks out all at the same time to be a tad bit stressful and difficult. Also it doesn’t help the situation when you are doing all of these things while the person you have cooking is new and keeps asking you questions.

For those of you who cook instead of serve know that it’s a task to make the baskets up while putting food into the fryer and flipping burgers on the grill and being able to put your cooked food into the basket while trying to putting new food into the fryer so it can be cooked!

And the thing that is the most challenging is to bite your tongue when people come in and complain because they have been there for 10 minutes and haven’t received their food yet. That’s when you smile and say “I’m sorry but we had about 5 tickets in front of yours.” That is when their little bubble burst and they realize they aren’t the most important people in the world.


Well genetics is a pretty easy topic to talk about when it comes to The Grill since it’s a family owned and operated business!

One thing that I know personally happens to me a lot is I get compared to my mom! My mom has worked in a few different restaurants around the county; mainly bars. And she has always been a favorite bartender because she can remember what a person drinks and how they like it. Well I have inherited that trait; only not with booze. I can remember pretty much what are regulars drink, what they want to eat, and what kind of ice cream they like.

That might not really seem like a big deal, but a lot of our waitresses write down an order with drinks and hand the cook the ticket, well right after they hand the ticket off they ask for it back because they can’t remember the drinks on there. Which I know it shouldn’t but it irritates the living hell out of me when I’m cooking..

Another compliment I get a lot is from the people is I cook like my Mom. Which always makes me feel better about my job since my Mom has either had a job cooking or bartending! Cooking in a restaurant is something that you always worry about. I check my food about ten different times before I send it out because I would be absolutely mortified if someone complained that their food wasn’t done! So it always lets me breathe a little easier when they tell me it was just as good as my Mom’s cooking!

Alex Fuller

For my prompt I am supposed to be writing a post about my biography subject which is my best friend, Alex Fuller.

Well he is actually a big part of the Grill. He doesn’t work there but he helps out like crazy. A couple of weeks ago my Dad built a sign to next to the Grill and we can put our daily specials and anything up there and what not! Well my dad needed help digging the holes and places the 6 Ft. sign into the ground. So at 8 A.M. on a Saturday Fuller was up there helping my Dad.

Also when we get really busy and he knows I won’t get out of there until after closing he comes in and helps me clean up. He wipes off all the tables, puts up my chairs, vacuums the rug, and takes everyone’s trash out. When the second shift comes in and we realize we have run out of something and the store uptown is still open I only have to call him and he goes up there and gets it for us.

The worst thing ever he helps us with is every 6 months we have to have our grill hood cleaned for safety reasons. So that day we wake up early and take everything out of the kitchen that can go out and we power wash and clean the sides of everything and the floor underneath! And the past 6 times he’s woken up and come over and helped us. He isn’t even asked he just comes and helps and trust me this task sucks! I’m forced to go!

Now there are being perks to doing all of that stuff and being my best friend. He eats for free. No matter who is working they never charge him for his food, ice cream, or drinks. He mostly comes in either with me or when I’m working because he feels bad. But after always being there to help us its the least we can do. And he’s found during his lunch break some days it’s easier to come get some food than make his lunch!


When working in a restaurant you have to look at things through the customer’s perspective. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cook or a server you need to think how the customer thinks.

Something that happens a lot at The Grill is myself and a co-worker will be laughing, talking, and joking around. Maybe even sitting behind the counter waiting for a call in order or for a customer. Personally being the worker I know that we are just waiting for something to do and most likely have everything else done; but in the eyes of a customer if they walk in they might feel like we’re lazy because we’re just sitting around.

Another time when you have to think like the customer is if they complain about something. Sometimes being a cook is hard because you want to cook things how you like them. For example; I hate onions! So every time I go to make a salad I almost forget the onions every time because I’m used to not having them on there for myself.

If you’re a waitress the hardest time to think like the customer is when it is a pain in the ass person! We have people who you can check on and they don’t need anything until you get really busy and then they just need 5 different things. But if you don’t personally know that person very well they could just be extremely forgetful…or just a pain in the ass!