Failing As A Waitress

How many of you have gone to a restaurant and your waitress and even your waiter was terrible or even a complete asshole? I know this has happened to me many times! Sometimes they act like waiting on you is a hassle in their life! I just want to ask them why in the hell are you a waitress/waiter? Trust me, I know that most likely they aren’t always like that.
Maybe earlier they had a table of hell. Which would range from a family of devil children with parents who don’t tell them no to a few old ladies out for a girls night in which they believe you are paid to be their slave and run all over the place…twice.
Yet when they receive a new group of people they need to start over. Hell I would rather have my waitress/waiter be fake than snobby. Even though when they act like that I just think of the positive and pray to Jesus that they’ve had a bad day and that their personality really doesn’t suck that much.
I always still leave them a tip. Always! Most waitresses’/waiters only make around $3.50 an hour. They have to make the rest up in tips. They would be terrible and I still leave at least $3. That way it almost equals an hour pay of minimum wage. I honestly do not think I would have the urge to do that if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m a waitress and know how difficult it can be. And I hope that the next day is better for them.


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