Failing As A Waitress

How many of you have gone to a restaurant and your waitress and even your waiter was terrible or even a complete asshole? I know this has happened to me many times! Sometimes they act like waiting on you is a hassle in their life! I just want to ask them why in the hell are you a waitress/waiter? Trust me, I know that most likely they aren’t always like that.
Maybe earlier they had a table of hell. Which would range from a family of devil children with parents who don’t tell them no to a few old ladies out for a girls night in which they believe you are paid to be their slave and run all over the place…twice.
Yet when they receive a new group of people they need to start over. Hell I would rather have my waitress/waiter be fake than snobby. Even though when they act like that I just think of the positive and pray to Jesus that they’ve had a bad day and that their personality really doesn’t suck that much.
I always still leave them a tip. Always! Most waitresses’/waiters only make around $3.50 an hour. They have to make the rest up in tips. They would be terrible and I still leave at least $3. That way it almost equals an hour pay of minimum wage. I honestly do not think I would have the urge to do that if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m a waitress and know how difficult it can be. And I hope that the next day is better for them.


Your Job Becomes Apart Of You

Today, in my English class we were shown a picture of three artist. The three different artist had their shirts open and their organs were painted on their stomachs. It was almost like they were proving a point. Like they were stating that they are an artist inside and out. That painting for them is not just a job or something to do for fun. When I saw that picture I realized that if you truly love your job it becomes a part of you. MASP_Art_School_Salvador_Dali_detail-1024x341
Now I don’t plan on being a waitress my whole life…well kind of! I do plan on becoming a teacher, which means that I will have every summer off and during my summer break I plan on working at the Grill. My job as a waitress will always be an important part of my life. A lot of it could come from the fact that my parents own it! It is like our second home or another sibling. I do not go a day without having to go up there for something! Even on my days off I end up there even if it’s just for a hot second.
Other than that fact the people I work with have become some of my closest friends. They are my “Grill Family”. We do not just work with each other, we are all big parts of each others lives. A perfect example of how close we are would be something that happened in September. Donna, one of our day shift ladies found out that her 15 daughter was pregnant..and do in December. She didn’t know how to handle it! She was excited, I mean it’s a baby! Who wouldn’t be excited! Yet at the same time she was pissed, worried, and scared. After she told my mom and I about what was going on we immediately knew that we needed to make the best out of this situation. So we got the rest of the grill family together and all the girls decided that we were going to throw Donna’s daughter a babyshower. Now I do not know many bosses and co-workers would do that! If that doesn’t prove that we are always there for each other I don’t know what will!
I could not ask for a better part-time job! I know so many people who work a full-time job make thousands more than I do and HATE their job! Also I am not saying that my job is the only job that becomes a huge part of people’s lives! Many people out in this world love their jobs! Thank god or we’d probably have way more unemployed people. I know there needs to be a line between work and personal life and trust me I love my days off like any other person! Yet I wouldn’t trade any of my co-workers and the way my job is for anything…well maybe a weeks paid vacation! 🙂

Confidence In A Waitress

Many people might not realize it but you have to be a confident person to be a waitress. When I started working my Junior year in High School at The Grill the people terrified me! I was scared to take their order and I barely would go out there to check on them! Now that does not sound like a good waitress to me. I learned real fast that you have to get over being shy. People expect their waitress to go check on them and make them feel comfortable. After I stopped hiding in the back for the customers to leave I started to love going to work! Most of the people who came in to eat are locals so it was not that scary. They are people I’ve known my entire life. Then the more I started working the more confidence I got in myself. The main thing I noticed was that I was making more in tips! I mean if that is not a confidence boost I do not know what is! Towards the end of April is when more out-of-town people started coming in. (By out-of-town people I mean people from outside of Holt County.) The weather was starting to get nice outside and people were starting to come visit their family they had in Oregon and the surrounding areas. That is when I started to get nerves again. I had no idea who these people were and I thought they were judging my every move. Then it hit me. Yes, they are going to judge me by if I am a good waitress. They are not going to sit there and watch everything I do! I am not that important in their life for them to care! In a way I gained more confidence by realizing that the customers are not there to judge me. Luckily that is a lesson that has helped me outside of the work place. Now I am comfortable talking to people I’ve never met anywhere I go!